It is a dark, neo-gothic script for energizing and dynamic action musical, first of its kind

Action-musical idea


The Symmetry Origins (or TSO / TSOmovie) is a screenplay for the action-musical, based on Muse songs. Script is kept in fantasy genre, the action takes place in our world, present times, and it contains Muse songs from each album up to “Drones”. Script idea is based on the song’s total adaptation, such as full synchronisation between the music and the onscreen performance. The lyrics are used as dialogues lines. Assumption is that the whole song is used as an action background (for of the fighting, running, love etc.). There is no synchronised dance thou. Despite the musical form of the film, story is relatively dark, fulfilled with mystery. It shows the struggle for power and two opposing sides, fighting for their own agenda. “The Symmetry Origins” – a dark, neo-gothic script for energizing and dynamic action musical, first of its kind.

World of Symmetry


It seems that in our modern world there is no more space for mysticism. In our daily routine we take little time for reflection. So could you imagine your reaction for a repeating visions? Visions of solace and brotherhood? Wingers are the people endowed with angelic powers. In danger, they can summon mystic wings, a bright breastplate and a flaming sword. Matthew is one of them. He discovers and joins a large group of Wingers. Do they manage to keep their hearts pure while owning such powers? Eric repairs energy grids, recently overloaded after night time. One morning, he discovers his sister has gone missing. Searching for her he meets a group of scientists, who investigate grid aberrations. Together they witness the impossible. Will they be able to believe in what they see? Will Eric manage to use the full potential of Nordic runes? TSO is a story of two opposite ideas and their followers who act secretly, protecting their mystery. It is a story, where love and passion intertwine with betrayal, struggle for power and naivety that can be more dangerous than the enemy themselves. It is the time when our world once more is filled with mystic powers. Common people are terrified by the steep rise in the number of missing loved ones, while official representatives become more and more inquiring. Resistance is growing against the Wingers. Will the two sides manage to overcome those boundaries? Are Wingers able to stand against the power of runes? Is the fact that two sides are guided by good intensions enough to avoid the conflict? Or will we all witness the symmetry origins?

The Global Assault

Promo clip

done for the project. It is a fan made video, presenting what we have in mind naming TSO the “action” musical. Video contains two covers – “Assassin Grand Omega Bosses” and “Ashamed” – and the action is synchronized with the music. In the beginning, we used an originally composed track by Maja Krawczyk – “The Symmetry Effect”. In full screenplay, where we use a lot more songs, there are more traditional musical scenes, but with very small budget we had to choose something to show you and we choose the action. In the promo we see a scene written especially for it, which combines several different scenes from the whole script. We see here two sides of the conflict and how little ordinary people and even brother of the kidnapped know about Wingers and their plans.



J.M. Gopek

Fan of Muse born in 1984, a graduate of sociology in Szczecin’s University. Since 2009 involved in environmental protection tasks along with implementation of national and international projects on the subject. Author and coordinator of international projects supporting the Lviv Oblast, founded by a “The Polish Aid”, Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs support programme. Coordinator of the partnership activities in “ROKWOOD”, founded within the 7th Framework Program. Co-author and Coordination of research and development project in the “Biostrateg II” programme, Poland. Since 1999 an active RPG player, since 2001 the Game Master. Amateur Goalkeeper.

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